Auto Power Booster (APB)

Auto power Booster  is the end result of years of racing and performance modifications. Through these experiences and extensive (almost to the point of obsessive) studying of performance modifications and combinations, we have gained the knowledge to provide customers with proven parts combinations and detailed technical help with installations and tuning. This has led to a business that supplies racers and performance enthusiasts with the parts they need in a timely fashion, with courteous service, and at the low prices they expect.

Regardless of whether a customer is planning on building a 12 second street car combination, or plans on putting together a 7 second race car, Auto power Booster  is here to guarantee that each customer will reach their performance goals.

APB has been under new ownership since March of 2017. And as a new company we will endeavour to make “On-line Shopping & Same Day Shipping” more than just our motto, but the way we strive to conduct our business. In order to obtain this goal, we have a streamlined process that provides our customers with the quickest delivery for their order, with the least amount of effort on the customer’s part as possible.

Our website is constantly evolving and updating. We Strive to offer the newest products available, so that you are not only able to purchase our products with a few simple clicks of the mouse, but you can also make an informed decision about the product you are considering purchasing. We work closely with vendors such as DiabloSport, SCT, BBK, MOTOBLUE, and K&N just to name a few, and have been doing so for years.

APB is always on the cutting edge of the latest in aftermarket products. APB Outlet was one of the first distributors to provide Intercooled Super Chargers on-line, and were able to explain and provide the benefits of Air -To-Air inter-cooling. Today it’s common knowledge that Intercooled boost is better.

Once we fully understand how a product is installed and works, we offer it to the customer through our website. APB has a secure on-line shopping cart, which facilitates and greatly speeds up the ordering process. Our on-line ordering process is faster and easier than placing a call. We do however offer live support should you prefer to order via phone. In such cases, if you would like to place a large order, our knowledgeable customer support staff will help you “walk through” the ordering process and make sure that you have all of the parts that you need to make a “smart purchase” as opposed to having to place a second order for the extra pieces.

In order to keep our prices low, APB does not offer a walk in storefront. This means less overhead and personnel expenses for APB and additional savings for you. Again, you may always request live support via phone or email, when necessary and without charge.

In addition to purchasing individual products, we also offer Dyno-tuned packages, which offer products that are known to work together. For example, there is no reason to get a throttle body unless you have a good filter. Check out one of our dyno-tuned packages for the best value and performance for your money.

It is our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In the rare instance where a product is incorrectly ordered or damaged during shipping, please call or email is through our contact form  directly . We will do everything possible to address/satisfy your concerns and issues. Where warranted, we will issue an APB  number for your order. The APB number accomplishes two things. First it allows both the APB  Outlet and the customer to track the issue from beginning to end. Second, it allows us the opportunity to track customer satisfaction issues, and find ways to prevent them from occurring in the future.

We value your patronage and encourage you to visit our site often, not only to purchase products but also to see what’s new and exciting. We also encourage you to read our reviews. Who knows what you may find.


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