2016 – 2019 Camaro SS ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System




2016 – 2019 Camaro SS ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System for sale

Buy 2016 – 2019 Camaro SS ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System from Auto Power booster at just the best rates ever. We are based in the USa but ship Camaro SS ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System worldwide. With only 7 psi on pump gas, your 2016-2019 Camaro SS can enjoy a gain of 160+ HP, thanks to our HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 head unit. Complete Intercooled Systems come with our proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer, making DIY installs a breeze. Higher boost levels and horsepower gains of up to 50% are possible with an Intercooled Tuner Kit and custom tuning, and even higher with modified motors. For hyper-custom racing builds, F-Series supercharger models up to the record-setting F-1A-94 can be installed without the need for trimming or additional brackets.

The best supercharger for 2016 Camaro ss

best supercharger for 2016 camaro ss

Using a robust billet bracket system with a dedicated belt drive and patented crank pulley design, we are able to secure a 7.65″ supercharger drive pulley onto the factory harmonic balancer. The ProCharger crank pulley works by using a system of “cam-locks” to securely grip the factory balancer, taking the load off the crank bolt ensuring years of service without worry, especially for 2018 Camaro ss 1le ProCharger.

camaro ss procharger kit

Combining this 7.65″ crank pulley with our robust ProCharger tensioner near the supercharger pulley, the system was designed for maximum belt wrap. This ensures consistent belt traction for both the factory 7 psi system offering and higher boost levels with Tuner Kits and modified vehicles. With the best belt wrap possible, ProCharger’s tensioner is unique in that it is spring-loaded but also allows the customer to add as much pre-load adjustment as they want into the belt. This tensioner has already been proven in similar applications to support 1300+HP when used with dedicated 8-rib belts–so handling the factory 7 psi is no stress at all.


p1x procharger camaro ss

Tuning for full systems is included with the 7 psi factory system offering. This comes in the form of a simple-to-use handheld programmer that also allows the customer to monitor and data-log the car’s systems. This handheld programmer also comes with the ability for OBD2 code scanning. With long-term reliability in mind, these tunes are set up conservatively from ProCharger to account for fuel variations across the country. As always, more power can be achieved with custom tuning from your dealer or tuning shop.

Note: 2017-2019 Models require bench flashing (need to send in PCM to ProCharger)


ProCharger understands that some customers might eventually sell their Camaro and want to return it to stock. With that in mind, ProCharger engineers took the time to ensure you can return the car to 100% OEM stock. Nothing on your 2018 Camaro ss 1le charger will be trimmed/cut/bent or modified in any manner. p1x procharger camaro ss also availble.

SYSTEM OPTIONS 2016 Camaro ss procharger

ProCharger has many options to help you create a truly unique system that not only fits your power goals but also looks great under the hood:

  • Polished, Black or Satin Supercharger finish
  • Polished, Black or Satin Bracket finish
  • Helical Gear set for Noise Reduction (P-1SC-1 & D-1SC only)
  • P-1SC-1 up to F-1A-94 head units available
  • Standard HO or Stage 2 Air-to-Air Intercooler
  • Race Bypass Valve upgrade (for cars over 750HP, or those that want a loud bypass)
  • Full systems or Tuner Kits

Stage II, Tuner kits and Race kits for this vehicle are NOT legal for street use in California along with HO Systems for 2019 Camaro. These products are intended for racing or off road applications only.