Super-powered intakes, catalytic converters and other aftermarket parts are pretty sweet — until you can’t pass your smog test. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulates air quality and emissions, and if your aftermarket product isn’t up to snuff, it can’t be legally sold or shipped to California addresses. Fortunately, Auto Power Booster  sells many 50-State Legal products, rendering them lawful in California and other states where CARB laws are enforced (i.e. New York).

For a product to be considered CARB-Exempt, it must undergo extensive testing. If the product passes without harming emissions, it’s assigned a CARB executive order (EO) number. It will include a sticker, metal tag or will have the EO number stamped directly on it. These numbers must be displayed in clear view when taking your vehicle in for emissions testing in a CARB-regulated state.

Auto Power Booster doesn’t ship non-CARB legal products to CARB-regulated states, including California. For help with finding a CARB exempt product, please call or request  to speak with a Product Specialist on customer service online chat