Beefcake Special Procharger Stage 2 Supercharger Kit (2018-2023 Mustang GT)




Beefcake Special Procharger Stage 2 Supercharger Kit (2018-2023 Mustang GT/Mach I/Bullitt)

The BEEFCAKE SPECIAL Procharger Stage 2 Supercharger Kit for Ford 2018+ Mustang 5.0L GT is a proven combination of components for the ultimate in drivability. ProCharger’s Stage 2 Intercooled Systems with P-1SC-1 are set up for a 55% power gain over stock, on 9 psi of boost and pump gas. Higher boost levels and horsepower gains are possible with upgraded head units and modified engines.

what is a Supercharged system?

In an internal combustion engine, a supercharger compresses the intake gas, forcing more air into the engine in order to produce more power for a given displacement. The current categorization is that a supercharger is a form of forced induction that is mechanically powered (usually by a belt from the engine’s crankshaft), as opposed to a turbocharger, which is powered by the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases. However, up until the mid-20th century, a turbocharger was called a “turbosupercharger” and was considered a type of supercharger. The first supercharged engine was built in 1878, with usage in aircraft engines beginning in the 1910s and usage in car engines beginning in the 1920s. In piston engines used by aircraft, supercharging was often used to compensate for the lower air density at high altitudes. Supercharging is less commonly used in the 21st century, as manufacturers have shifted to turbochargers to reduce fuel consumption and increase power outputs.

ProCharger’s Stage 2 Intercooled Systems

These ProCharger systems also give Mustang owners multiple options in both the performance and appearance arenas, with your choice of polished, satin, or black finish for both the brackets and head unit.

Beefcake Special Procharger Stage 2 Supercharger Kit (2018-2023 Mustang GT)

Installation of this system is the easiest of any Mustang supercharger system to date. With a suggested installation time of around 5-6 hours, a customer can install this system in his/her garage with common hand tools, in an afternoon. And for the collector/leased owner in mind, both the HO and Stage 2 systems are 100% reversible, with no trimming or cutting to any factory O.E.M plastics or hardware.

The “Beefcake Special” takes this Procharger Stage 2 Kit to the next level by including ID1050x Injectors, a BAP for increased fueling, and an option to add on a custom Remote Tune.

• 55% gain with P-1SC-1 complete system on 8 psi, quality pump gas

• Up to 50% gain with P-1SC-1 tuner kit and custom tuning

• Add on Tuning Options: Choice of SCT X4 or Remote Tune

• Even higher gains possible with modified motors

• OEM quality bolt-on design and finish

• Belts can be changed without removing supercharger

• 3 supercharger and bracket finish options–Polished, Satin, or Black

• Pulleys can be changed without removing supercharger

• No cutting of radiator hoses, or trimming of factory coolant fan

• 100% reversible

• Handheld tuner available

• Retains the factory brake cooling ducts

• Self contained oiling head unit, with CBC billet gear case and impeller

• 55%+ gain with P-1SC-1 on 9 psi, quality pump gas

• Dedicated 8-rib drive system

• Upgradable to 1,225 HP F-1R Head Unit

• Larger and thicker air-to-air intercooler


Crank Support requires removal of front sway bar.
Crank Support requires ATI or Innovators West Balancer
Crank Support is for Stage 2 kits only, including tuner kits, complete kits, and Beefcake Specials.
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